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Perez Hilton Reports: Discovery of Missing 90-Day Fiancé Star Being Pushed by His Spouse Prior to Abruptly Disappearing – Monomaxos

Evidently, 90-Day Fiancé Celebrities Angela Deem And Michael Ilesanm engaged in a dispute – well before he unexpectedly abandoned her this month!

Mere two months following his relocation to the United States from his homeland Nigeria to cohabit with Angela, she disclosed to fans earlier this week that Michael had vanished on Friday. Concerned for her partner, Angela alerted the Georgia authorities for assistance in locating him. Shortly after she raised the alarm, law enforcement swiftly tracked his location. He was out of harm’s way. However, it transpired that Michael orchestrated the entire vanishing act to distance himself from Angela!

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You and a vlogger known as John Yates expounded in a live broadcast that Michael reached out to the police via “a disposable phone” when he discovered that she had filed a missing person report. He then informed them that he felt “unsafe in his current environment” and “did not wish for Angela to ascertain his whereabouts,” according to Yates! Conversely, Angela refuted any claims of mistreating Michael and affirmed that “no one was confined here.”

Yet, fans are well aware of the tumultuous relationship between the pair showcased on their TLC program. There are resurfaced videos capturing a number of contentious moments in their marriage that are sparking a commotion, notably a scene where Angela forcibly nudged Michael on camera!

In footage from 90-Day FiancéIn September 2022, Angela was captured appearing unannounced at her husband’s residence in Nigeria to confront him regarding his online activities after purportedly using social media to interact with other females. The television personality knocked on Michael’s door in the dead of the night, vocally demanding his presence outside. In response to his silence, she threatened to “shatter the windows.” Subsequently, she commenced vandalizing his vehicle, insisting it belonged to her.

While Angela ripped off the car’s bumper and license plate, Michael approached to witness the startling vandalism. The situation quickly escalated from there! Angela charged toward Michael, pushing him against a wall and engaging in a scuffle. Understandably upset, he remonstrated with Angela:

“Are you in your right mind? You can’t accost me in this manner. Are you in your right mind?”

Upon Michael breaking down in tears, she disparaged him as a “crybaby” and a “loose individual.” Finally, he banished her from his “compound” while exclaiming:

“I’ve had enough!”

Utterly intense! Observe the entire incident (below):

That wasn’t the sole altercation they found themselves embroiled in! While attempting to extend an olive branch in the form of a cake, Angela struck Michael across the face and walked away. Witness the incident (below):

A tumultuous and disconcerting scenario indeed. Insights, devoted readers? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

If you or someone you know is facing domestic abuse, aid is accessible. Kindly reach out to the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233 or text START to 88788 or visit

[Image courtesy of 90 Day Fiancé/YouTube]
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