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Mob Wives Star Renee Graziano Is 40 Days Sober – Thanks To A Huge Assist From Lamar Odom! – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos



Beloved Mob Wives star Renee Graziano is sober — and she has former NBA star Lamar Odom to thank for it!

Renee has been battling serious addiction problems for a long time. Most recently, in November, Renee finally popped up in a Texas rehab and treatment facility after going AWOL for a couple months. At the time, her manager Chris Giovanni said the facility entry came after she took a “bad batch” of drugs amid a long prescription pill addiction.

Before that, back in March, Renee got a different treatment offer — from Jason Wahler of The Hills fame. Wahler’s Red Songbird Foundation stepped up to get Graziano some help. She’d been mourning the death of her beloved father several years before and was really struggling. Sadly, Wahler’s springtime help didn’t stick. But now, we have some REALLY good news.

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According to TMZ, earlier this month, Renee reached out to Lamar. She was doing well in her Texas facility, and apparently staying clean, but the center didn’t have the right treatment programs to address mental health issues like trauma therapy and PTSD. Per the outlet, Renee recognized that was something she needed, and she reached out to the former Los Angeles Lakers star about getting it.

This has been a long time coming. Lamar first reached out to Renee back in November just after she popped up in the Texas rehab center. She declined his help at the time, but after settling in there and realizing she needed more expert-level mental health care, she has now taken Odom up on his offer. Two weeks ago, Lamar officially got Renee a spot at his Vanity Wellness Treatment Center in Sherman Oaks, California — and she took it!!!

Per TMZ, Renee flew into El Lay from Texas last week and officially checked into the facility. It sounds like things are going really well, too. Including her time in the Lone Star State, Graziano is now FORTY DAYS SOBER!! The plan is for her to stay at Odom’s spot for another 60 days — or a bit more, perhaps — while continuing to work on her mental health and sobriety. And it sounds like there’s still a lot of work left to do. Renee’s rep says she’s focusing on trauma therapy in Sherman Oaks while continuing to remain sober from pills. But this is GREAT news so far!!

Seriously, can we applaud Lamar here? As Perezcious readers will never forget, he very nearly died from an overdose back in 2015. To see him since rebuild his life is inspiring enough on its own. But to see him do it for other people now, too? Amazing! Much love to Wahler, also, for offering his foundation’s assistance. It’s heartwarming to see such helpful allies in the addiction fight!

But the biggest hat tip goes to Renee herself. Forty days of sobriety is a HUGE accomplishment! She has miles more to go, of course, and it sounds like she has a lot to do at Vanity until well into the new year. But she’s made massive strides so far! And we LOVE it! This seriously just made our day!!

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