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Never Been Kissed IRL?! This 32-Year-Old Woman Posed As A Student At Multiple Schools! – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos

A 32-year-old woman is facing the law after sneaking her way into multiple schools — as a student?!

If you’ve ever seen Drew Barrymore’s movie Never Been Kissed, you’re probably familiar with the idea of a grown woman posing as a much-younger student and reliving her school days. It’s a wacky idea on screen, but when someone does it in real life, it’s just incredibly disturbing…

Shelby Hewitt is facing is facing three counts of forgery, two counts of forgery at common law, one count of uttering, one count of identity fraud, one count of larceny over $1,200 and one count of making false claims to her employer after allegedly pretending to be a traumatized student with special educational needs.

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According to an indictment reported by NBC last week, Shelby carried out an elaborate and ongoing ruse between December 2021 and February of this year, in which she convinced the Boston Public School system she was a child. And not just high school — she posed as a kid as young as 13 years old!

WTF!! How could this have possibly happened?? Well, she had a government job — and it sounds like she used it to her advantage!

Apparently, Shelby was a social worker for the Department of Children and Families, and, according to prosecutors, purchased the domain to create fake DCF employees with bogus contact info. She then used the very real identity of a child in the DCF database, a kid who was in state custody, along with the fake DCF employees she fabricated. She enrolled herself at the Walden Behavioral Treatment Center for an eating disorder, and at not one, not two, but THREE different Boston-area schools, per NBC.

Holy s**t!!!

Like the outlet reported, she allegedly received special educational needs — all while remaining employed with the DCF and receiving a $54k salary! Assistant Suffolk District Attorney Ashley Polin said during legal proceedings:

“The defendant created multiple names and dates of birth for herself to propagate this intricate but false narrative of being an extremely traumatized child with significant special educational needs and emotional needs. In reality, the defendant was a woman in her early 30s who had attended both college and graduate school and was employed as a social worker with the Department of Children and Families.”

This is wild, y’all…

Boston mother Robin Williams expressed disbelief over the situation, taking aim at the school system’s superintendent and Boston’s mayor. She told NBC:

“To hear that this grown woman who crosses three schools within the year sitting in the classroom with my daughter and a whole bunch of other kids – that’s very scary. You’re a social worker. You’re supposed to be protecting children. Why are you doing this? What are you getting out of it?”

One Boston student told the outlet:

“She just kind of seemed normal, like, nice, sweet, quiet.”

Whoa! We can’t believe it was working! As far as defense goes for Shelby, she pleaded not guilty to all nine indictments, with her attorney Timothy Flaherty explaining:

“Obviously Ms. Hewitt is a young lady who’s got significant mental health challenges. That’s abundantly clear. What’s not abundantly clear, is how whatever happened was allowed to happen at the Boston Public School system for as long as it was.”

Shelby has been ordered to stay away from the child of whom she stole the identity from, as well as ALL schools and children. She’s currently out on a $5,000 bail. See more (below):

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