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Nick Kroll and Andrew Rannells are American fathers in an Italian nightmare in I Don't Understand You – Monomaxos

Nick Kroll and Andrew Rannells are American fathers in an Italian nightmare in I Don't Understand You

 – Monomaxos

Language barriers can lead to many unintentional mishaps, some hilarious and others quite frightening. In the new horror comedy I don't understand you, which premiered at SXSW, Nick Kroll And Andrew Rannells Experience the full spectrum of the limits of the English language as married couple Dom and Cole, who are on the verge of adopting a baby after years of trying. To reconnect, they fly to Italy, where all is well until a storm leaves them stranded in a tiny restaurant in a remote vacation home in Tuscany, with no cell service and no way to communicate with their very Italian hosts. Simple misunderstandings pile up until things become macabre. Without giving anything away, there's enough bloodshed to make any American tourist say “Mamma Mia!”

Married comedians David Joseph Craig And Brian Crano I didn't have to look far for inspiration to find something I don't understand you, which they wrote and directed together. To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Craig and Crano took a trip to Italy that didn't go according to plan. “The first act of the film kind of fits our story,” Craig says. “Brian directed me off the side of the road in a rental car and we got stuck in the mud for about three hours, then we were picked up by this little old family and taken back to their house and had the most amazing food and…” We couldn't understand a word they said said.”

Additionally, Craig and Crano's trip to Italy took place shortly after they suffered a setback on their adoption journey. “We were about two and a half years into the adoption process and were cheated on by a birth mother in the middle of the adoption process,” Craig says. (They eventually adopted their son, who appears briefly in the film.) Although the betrayal was a devastating blow, it ultimately brought them closer together as partners and collaborators. “We were working separately and then we didn't know how to emotionally deal with a lot of these things individually,” Craig says. A

A conversation with friend and I don't understand you Manufacturer Joel Edgerton about their Italian adventure helped Craig and Crano realize the potential of a story that combines their journey to fatherhood and their strange encounter abroad with the vulnerability inherent in both of them. “We started putting it together — the idea of ​​the vulnerability of the characters wanting to be fathers and having this kind of heart-opening experience at the same time,” Crano says. “A big part of becoming a parent is becoming really vulnerable.”

Although Kroll and Rannells are not technically a married couple, they worked together on the Emmy-winning series Big mouth long enough to easily approach one. “It's a very strange thing when you do an animated series. You really get to know people's literal voices,” says Kroll. “Even though we weren't together all the time, Andrew's voice was always with me.” So when the opportunity to work together in person arose, it was “a no-brainer” for Kroll. “Especially to play a married couple,” he adds. “It felt like, 'Oh, of course.' That would be so easy to do.''

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To add a slight twist to the portrayal of a married couple, the couple they were supposed to portray directed the film. Craig and Crano readily admit that Kroll and Rannells are playing versions of themselves – Kroll's Dom is an avatar of Crano, while Rannell's Cole is a version of Craig. “You could see the dynamic,” Rannells says. “The first night we all had dinner together, I thought, 'I understand a little bit about how this works.'” Even though the people they portrayed were behind the camera, Kroll and Rannells still had plenty of which there is room to make the characters your own. “We didn't want to mimic her or really mimic what her relationship was like because obviously the situation is, hopefully, a lot more heightened than her real life,” Rannells says. “So they let us find the version between Nick and me.”

Although Kroll and Rannells share the screen in almost every scene of the film, they are not the only actors in the film. The Gilded Age Heartthrob Morgan Spector appears as Massimo, a physically intimidating and emotionally intense Italian. Before filming, Craig joked to Spector, an old friend, that he should “try harder” to make the project seem even scarier and scarier. “The man is already a giant, but when he showed up, none of his wardrobe fit because he had been training just for us for the last two months,” says Craig. And Oscar nomination Amanda Seyfried is, according to Crano, the biological mother of Cole and Dom's future adopted child and “the heroine” of the film

There is another famous Amanda who is also involved in the project: Amanda Knox, who serves as consulting producer for the film. When you think about Knox's past, a nightmarish trip to Italy might sound a little like home. She famously spent four years in an Italian prison after being wrongfully convicted of the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher, her roommate while studying abroad in Perugia, Italy. But not like this. Craig and Crano were looking for an American who could speak Italian to help translate part of the script and turned to their friend, the director Brian McGinn, who directed the 2016 Netflix documentary Amanda Knox. A



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