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Oscars 2024: Who's mad about what? – Monomaxos

By all accounts, the 2024 Oscars were well received: a fun, relaxed ceremony (over in about three and a half hours!) that had a few real surprises Ryan GoslingThe breathtaking performance of “I’m Just Ken” was even there an applauding dog! But as always, Oscar attendees and watchers have a few bees in their hat The zone of interest director Jonathan Glazer“'s pro-ceasefire speech before the always controversial In Memoriam segment. Who's mad about? Let's break it down.

Who's crazy? Pro-Israel conservatives with poor listening skills.

Why? They chose to deliberately misinterpret Glazer, who said in his speech – the only one on Sunday night that directly addressed the war in Gaza – that he and Zone Manufacturer James Wilson “Stand here as men who refute their Jewishness and the hostage-taking of the Holocaust by an occupation that has brought conflict for so many innocent people, be it the victims of October 7th in Israel or the ongoing attack in Gaza.” Vote She Viewersincluding the former head of the Anti-Defamation League Abraham Foxman and former Reagan speechwriter John Podhoretz, have quoted only the first part of Glazer's sentence and claimed that the director said on stage that he denied his Jewish identity. This reaction, of course, angered and fueled even more people Setback for the Setback.

Who's crazy? Anyone who wants to see who the Oscars would honor in the 2024 In Memoriam segment.

Why? As always, the Academy was annoyed that it left a number of names out of the annual montage and failed to feature the likes of Lance Reddick, Treat Williams and Ron Cephas Jones on screen. (Their names were instead included in a large list that flashed briefly at the end of the segment.) But the presentation of this year's In Memoriam sequence was particularly startling: Even the people, their faces was The shot faded away as the cameras focused on a group of dancers and father-son duo Andrea and Matteo Bocelli performing “Con te partiró,” one of Bocelli Sr.'s signature songs. “I’m usually a big fan of the Oscar segment “In Memoriam,” but #Oscars2024 “I completely screwed up,” complained the film critic Kenneth Turan. “Most of the time the letters were so far away and blocked by dancers that I couldn't tell who the hell they were honoring. “A shame.” You know who was not crazy? Sponsor of the Catalina wine mixer.

Who's crazy? Members of the Martin Scorsese Hive.

Why? Admirers of Scorsese's masterful performance enter the ceremony Flower Moon Killer knew the film could emerge from the show with just a single Oscar win for its 10 nominations. Then Emma Stone won the award for best actress Lily Gladstone in a mood that wasn't entirely angry, but that still hit him with a jolt – and that meant Flower Moon would leave the ceremony without even winning an Oscar. It's probably in good company: Scorsese's own Criminal Organizations of New York And The Irishman Both received 10 nominations and also no wins. And Steven Spielbergis The colour purple went back even harder, with 11 nods but no wins. At least Marty had one good seat for “I’m just Ken.”

Who's crazy? Barbie Girls and Leonard Bernsteiniacs.

Why? The righteous anger Greta Gerwig's best director snubbed and Margot Robbie The exclusion from the Best Actress competition ultimately did not result in further Oscar support for Barbie. The film only won one award Sunday night, for best original song. And exactly like that flower moon, Bradley Cooperis maestro– who received seven nominations – was omitted, making Cooper one of the most nominated people without an Oscar win in recent history. Consolation prize?

Who's crazy? Robert Downey Jr.

Why? The eventual Best Supporting Actor winner didn't appreciate the host Jimmy Kimmelis a dig at Downey's history of drug addiction. “This is the culmination of Robert Downey Jr.'s long and illustrious career.” So, one of the highest points,” Kimmel joked at the start of the ceremony. Downey responded, stone-faced, by tapping his nose, prompting Kimmel to respond, “Was that on the nose too?” Or was that a drug claim you made?†Downey motioned to Kimmel the matter to bring it to a conclusion, but the… Jimmy Kimmel Live The host wasn't finished yet: he asked Oppenheimer Star whether he had an acceptance speech under his belt or “just a very rectangular penis,” and brought up his poorly received 2006 family comedy The shaggy dog as Downey looked on without a single smile on his face.
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