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Pennsylvania Man Allegedly Stabs Neighbor To Death After Long-Standing Feud Over Snoring!? – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos



An argument over snoring turned deadly in Pennsylvania last week.

According to WPVI, Christopher James Casey was arrested on Thursday for fatally stabbing 62-year-old neighbor Robert Wallace over a long-standing feud they had over the 55-year-old suspect’s snoring. Here’s what happened. Casey was eating dinner on Sunday when the victim suddenly went to his house in Hatboro and stepped onto his porch to remove the screen from one of the windows. Wallace proceeded to get into a heated argument with Casey about the loud nighttime noises he made.

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After about 20 minutes of arguing through the window, the affidavit, obtained by WPVI, stated that Wallace calmed down and wanted to shake hands to end the fight. He even offered to help pay for nasal surgery to reduce Casey’s snoring. Wow! That was a kind gesture! However, Casey did not seem to be happy about it! He then unlocked the front door and allegedly stabbed Wallace several times in the chest with a large, military-style knife. Police wrote in the charging documents:

“Casey described Wallace as being very ‘volatile’ ‘very strong,’ ‘he’s angry’ type of person. Casey said he did not believe Wallace’s intention of ‘try to work this out’ and ‘shake hands’ and try ‘to fix this situation’ was genuine. As a result, Casey decided to ‘surprise him’ by stabbing Wallace with a knife.”


Per the affidavit, Casey called 911 following the attack, telling dispatchers that Wallace “broke my window.” He added:

“I attacked my neighbor. He came to attack me.”

When the Upper Moreland Township Police arrived at the scene, they found blood inside and outside the home. Wallace was about 50 feet from his house with stab wounds, and he was rushed to the Abington Hospital. However, he succumbed to the injuries. Casey also required medical attention at the hospital for what law enforcement stated was a self-inflicted and accidental stab wound on his leg.

At the hospital, Casey told police that Wallace had not been threatening him when he stabbed him in the doorway. But he noted that they were having “personal issues” for the past year and a half over Wallace’s complaints about his snoring. The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office stated that “the two men were known to Upper Moreland Police due to ongoing arguments, including arguments about the defendant’s loud snoring, which the victim could hear through the shared wall of the two residences.”

Following the attack, Casey was charged with third-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, and possessing instruments of a crime. He has remained in prison Friday with bail set at $1 million.

What a wild case, Perezcious readers. Reactions? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office]



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