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Rachel Leviss Says Tom Sandoval Called Her 'Selfish' For Getting Therapy Amid Scandoval! – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos



Rachel Leviss is claiming Tom Sandoval wasn’t nearly as supportive of her seeking mental health treatment as he wants you to think!

On Thursday’s episode of Rachel Goes Rogue, the 29-year-old alleged her 41-year-old ex actually told her she was “selfish” for wanting to get help for her mental health struggles! Whoa! If you’ll recall, in the middle of everything Scandoval, Rachel disappeared for a while, and it was revealed she was staying at the Meadows treatment center in Arizona. She was getting help after the fallout from their affair being exposed. But Sandoval called her “dependent” on the facility:

“[He said] that I’m running away from my problems and that I’m dependent on this place that’s basically an assisted living facility — like, really guilt-tripping me and saying that I left him to deal with all the fodder and I’m just running away.”


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The former reality star also revealed that while she was in Arizona, the Tom Sandoval and the Most Extras frontman would schedule time to call her — and he did NOT like it if she missed a call:

“If I didn’t reach out to him one day or two days, he would be upset by it and really kind of take out his frustration on me, and so it made me feel like I had a responsibility to maintain his emotional needs.”

Oof, that sounds controlling as hell! Real red flag behavior…

A source close to the TomTom co-owner is saying it didn’t go down like that at all, though! While speaking to PageSix on Friday, they said he Vanderpump Rules OG “did not guilt trip” Rachel at all:

“[Leviss] disappeared and closed herself off from the world by going into the treatment center. Tom took it all head-on. [He] dealt with the paparazzi, dealt with fans hating him, faced people he hurt. He respected and wanted her to take care of her mental health. They simply dealt with things differently.”

The insider also revealed a different POV when it comes to their phone calls while the podcast host was in Meadows, saying Tom would “look forward” to their calls because “the only time they could talk”:

“So, of course, it ruined his day if he didn’t hear from her.”

But despite any differences, it doesn’t look like there’s any hope for reconciliation between these two! On her podcast, Rachel said Tom’s behavior while she was getting therapy showed her “the type of person that he is”:

“Knowing how important mental health has become in my life and how much of a priority that is to me, there’s no question that Tom and I will never, ever be friends again.”

Hmm… Well, now we know what broke them up!

Whose story do U believe, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (below).

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