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RED FLAG! Brutal attack on Kristin Cavallari’s boyfriend Mark Estes reportedly left victim with a “broken” face! – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos

Kristin CavallariIt seems that ‘s friend got into trouble before he found her!

As you know, the 37-year-old has become closer and closer to her new boyfriend. Mark Estes since they left Instagram officially started their relationship earlier this year. Things are going pretty well, with the Laguna beach Alumna is head over heels in love with the 24-year-old. Apparently he even gets along well with her children – but could he have a secret, less sweet side??

On Tuesday, The US Sun got hold of some legal documents detailing the attack that got Mark kicked out of his old university and allegedly left his victim horribly injured – with a literally broken face! Wow! The fight took place in Bozeman, Montana, according to several Calls For Service reports, and the main suspects in the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office were Kristin’s husband and his anonymous friend.

In one report, a caller told police that her friend was “attacked by a few people” around 1:38 p.m. in February 2021, when Mark was still a student at the Montana State University. The caller said the two boys “drove in front of the house and became angry” after some sort of “parking dispute” ensued, which led to them allegedly “stepping” on the victim’s hand and “throwing punches.” The victim’s injuries were photographed, but despite police efforts, all evidence was obscured by snowfall. The case was promptly closed four days later.

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The investigation was intended to determine whether the young men would be charged with simple assault or aggravated assault – but ultimately Mark was not charged at all, although he was named as the perpetrator. The officials said PageSix Last week, there was sufficient suspicion to charge the 24-year-old with grievous bodily harm because “the injuries sustained by a person reached the level of serious bodily harm.” Despite all the officer’s efforts to Tick ​​​​Tock However, the sheriff’s request was rejected by the Star because it was believed that the entire brawl was a “mutual fight”.

And how things played out according to witnesses? Well, that’s another story. The US Sun spoke to sources who were present during the fight and they claim that one man was mainly beaten up while the others did the hitting. One insider gave his view of the victim’s horrific injuries:

“His orbital bones were broken and he had bleeding under his eyes.”

Yuck! For those who don’t know, the eye sockets form the eye sockets – hence the saying that his face is “broken”. It sounds like the guy was a wreck by the end. Horrible!

The source also claimed that a girl jumped in and tried to break up the fight – but sustained injuries herself: scraped legs and a missing fingernail. Ouch.

A second insider described the alleged “parking dispute” to the newspaper, saying Mark and his friend were having trouble moving their truck on the snow-covered road. When a car pulled up behind them, they allegedly began “yelling at the car that had just pulled up behind them and had two girls in it – a driver and her friend.” When partygoers inside the house heard the commotion, the two victims of the alleged attack came out. The eyewitness recalled:

“Mark went after the main victim. He definitely started the fight. [The boys] had no history. Mark simply attacked the primary victim. The victim was on the ground and Mark was on top of him, beating him up.”


The second victim was reportedly placed in even greater contact with Mark’s friend, but after the incident both went to the hospital for medical treatment. The second source said:

“I think Mark is a terrible person. I don’t know him personally, but based on this one incident I witnessed, I can’t say anything good about him.”

Damn. This guy doesn’t look good!

In the following period, Mark had to Zoom Meeting with his lawyer and the Dean of MSU in April. He was not only expelled from the university, but was also reportedly kicked off the football team and given a 5-year ban from even setting foot on campus. Presumably, this is why he is Montana Tech and began playing for their football team instead. The university could not comment on the exclusion due to federal law, it said in a statement to the news agency.

A third source close to the main victim, who allegedly had his face smashed in, contacted the outlet and said the whole ordeal was “traumatic” for him. Understandably! The insider said:

“He believes the boys were chasing him for no reason. He believes he is in danger to this day, especially when he talks about it. It will never stop.”

The second source said the attack “may have triggered anxiety” in the main victim because he “didn’t want anything to come of it” and “just wanted to forget about it and move on.”

So sad for the victims…and what a horrible situation! This is definitely a HUGE warning sign – what do you think, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Kristin Cavallari/Instagram]
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