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Salaar release trailer: Prabhas & Prithviraj are friends who turn in dystopian empire of Khansaar – Monomaxos

The makers unveiled the highly-anticipated trailer of Prabhas’ upcoming film Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire on Monday. Directed by Prasanth Neel, the movie follows the story of two childhood friends portrayed by Prabhas and Prithviraj Sukumaran.

Check out the trailer here:

The trailer provides a glimpse into the story of two friends who become adversaries. It also features a grim, dystopian setting with a sense of despair and widespread violence.

Salaar Salaar Salaar

The trailer tells the story of Khansaar, a fictional empire governed by Sultan (Prithviraj). His friend Salaar (Prabhas) is a mechanic who is constantly available to assist him in any way, even if it means cutting down his foes when necessary. The trailer further gives us a glimpse of Shruti Haasan and showcases high-octane action sequences.

Lastly, the trailer also gives us a glimpse of them turning into enemies.

Salaar Salaar Salaar

Apart from Prabhas, Prithviraj and Shruti Haasan, Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire also stars Jagapathi Babu, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Tinu Anand, Eshwari Rao, Jagapathi Babu, Sriya Reddy, Garuda Ram and others in key roles. The film is slated to hit the cinemas on December 22.

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