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Sandeep Reddy Vanga officially announces the sequel of Animal – Monomaxos

Ranbir Kapoor and Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s film Animal garnered significant buzz at the box office. Following the success of this hyper-violent crime saga, the makers have officially announced its sequel, Animal Park, hinted at during the film’s post-credits scene.

Animal Animal Animal

On Tuesday, T-Series’ official account shared two photos featuring producer Bhushan Kumar and director Sandeep Reddy Vanga, affirming their partnership in unveiling upcoming Animal sequels. The caption reads, “It’s a partnership built on trust, fueled by creative freedom, and fortified by an unbreakable bond. Producer Bhushan Kumar and Director #SandeepReddyVanga unveil the next cinematic wonders—Prabhas’ Spirit, Animal Park, and an Allu Arjun saga—the chapters that follow the monumental success of Kabir Singh and #Animal.”

Animal concluded by introducing professional butcher Aziz Haque, portrayed by Ranbir Kapoor in a double role. Ranbir’s character Ranvijay Singh had eliminated Aziz’s brothers Abrar Haque and Asrar Haque (played by Bobby Deol and Babloo Prithiveeraj) to protect his father Balbir Singh (Anil Kapoor). Now, Aziz seeks revenge on Ranvijay and his family, setting the stage for the sequel to explore Ranbir’s two violent avatars, Ranvijay and Aziz.

Animal Animal Animal

The reception to Animal has been polarising. While some criticised the film for glorifying toxic masculinity, misogyny, and excessive violence, others lauded its raw and realistic portrayal, urging detractors.
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