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Shah Rukh Khan responds to John Cena’s rendition of Bholi Si Surat: ‘I will forward you my most recent music’

Well-known wrestler and performer John Cena is an admirer of Shah Rukh Khan. The internet recently witnessed a video of Cena singing SRK’s track Bholi Se Surat from his movie Dil Toh Pagal Hai that went viral. Now, the luminary has addressed this uproar.

A former WWE wrestler, Gurvinder Sihra, shared a clip of John Cena harmonizing to Shah Rukh Khan’s track Bholi Surat. In response to the post, SRK expressed, “Appreciations to both of you… I adore it and I appreciate you @JohnCena. I’ll forward you my latest tunes and anticipate a duet from you both once again!!! Haha.”

Take a look here:

In the footage, Gurvinder presents John Cena as a “considerable aficionado of Shah Rukh Khan.” Subsequently, he coached him on a few verses. This video is generating substantial buzz on social platforms.

Shah Rukh Khan John Cena

Shah Rukh Khan’s most recent appearance was in Dunki. His forthcoming role is yet to be revealed. Meanwhile, John Cena was recently seen in β€œPeacemaker.”
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