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Shah Rukh Khan reveals the hilarious reason why he feels awkward when someone mimics him – Monomaxos

Shah Rukh Khan who is gearing up for his third release of the year with Rajkumar Hirani’s Dunki, recently attended a promotional event in Dubai. With less than a week left, the anticipation surrounding the film is increasing by the day.

Shah Rukh Khan

At the Dubai event, Shah Rukh candidly shared his feelings about watching his own films, citing his children’s comments and the internet mimics that often make him feel awkward. He expressed, “Ek mera bachcha hai 26 saal ka. Bachcha kya ab toh boodha ho gaya hai. Ek bachchi hai 23 saal ki aur ek chota wala 10 saal ka. I didn’t realise myself, jab Gauri aur main Delhi se aa gaye, humko 30-35 saal ho gaye. 24 saal ho gaye filmon main kaam karte hue. I didn’t realise that so many years have passed and the days I tell my children, ‘Come come, watch my film.’ Pehle jab maine unko apni filme dikhaayi they were nice, later on they started saying, ‘Papa, how’s your hair? Look at the way you look.’”

Continuing, he added, “Toh mujhe awkward ho gaya aur voh aaj kal internet pe bhi log sab meri acting karte rehte hain. Maine kab aisa bola yaar? Someone would say main Shah Rukh Khan ki mimicry karta hoon and say (in a funny voice), ‘Oh, I love you kkk Kiran.’ Aise thodi hota hai yaar. (In his actual voice) I love you, kkk Kiran. So, I get very awkward watching my own films, but having said that, there are some lovely ones.”

Shah Rukh Khan

Dunki has received a U/A certificate from the Central Board of Film Certification with a runtime of 2 hours 41 minutes. The movie's trailer and songs have generated significant buzz. The film arrives in theatres on December 21, 2023.
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