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Shreyas Talpade will be discharged from the hospital on Sunday night or Monday morning. Report: – Monomaxos

On Thursday evening, Shreyas Talpade experienced a heart attack and was quickly taken to the hospital. He received an immediate angioplasty and is currently recovering. The actor had just come back home after filming his upcoming movie, Welcome To The Jungle. 

Shreyas Talpade

Shreyas’ close friend Bobby Deol disclosed that, after speaking with Shreyas’ wife Deepti, it was revealed that the actor’s heart had ceased beating for ten minutes before being revived by the doctor.

Shreyas’ close circle is feeling relieved as he is on the road to recovery. In addition to this, there is more good news as filmmaker Soham Shah paid a visit to Shreyas in the hospital. Shah mentioned, “In all likelihood, he is likely to be discharged Sunday night or Monday morning.”

Shreyas Talpade

Shah provided an update on Shreyas’ health, stating that he visited him the same night he was admitted to the hospital and again today. Seeing Shreyas smiling and talking, and back to his usual self, was a huge relief. He expressed gratitude and felt blessed that he received timely care. Shah credited Shreyas’s wife, Deepti, for her quick thinking and making the right decisions at the right time. Both of them believe that divine intervention played a role in Shreyas’ recovery, especially considering the challenging journey to the hospital due to heavy traffic. Thankfully, Shreyas is recovering well, and everyone’s best wishes are with him.

At the same time, Shreyas’ spouse also shared a statement and requested that others respect their privacy.

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