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Sofia Boutella on Rebel Moon: Honestly, it was the idea of working with Zack…” – Monomaxos

Sofia Boutella was candid about her wish to work with a visionary director like Zack Snyder. She revealed that it was one of the dominant reasons that propelled her to star in Rebel Moon and become a part of his cinematic verse.

Rebel Moon

She shared,  “Honestly, it was the idea of working with Zack. After I sent in my audition tape, I sat with him for three hours and he described his vision for both films from beginning to end. I was thrilled by how excited and knowledgeable he was about this story he’s been writing for 20 years. There wasn’t a single question he left unanswered. I love working with people who love what they’re doing, and Zack is one of them.”

Rebel Moon

She further shared how Zack Snyder’s incredible ability to seamlessly communicate his vision, his intricate attention to detail and his passion for his craft truly appeal to her. She concluded by saying she admired his willingness to take actors’ opinions and make this a collaborative process, one that made the process of bringing the cosmic realm of Rebel Moon to life even more extraordinary.

Rebel Moon is set to release on December 22, 2023 on OTT.
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