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Sunny Deol recalls being called a “duffer” due to his dyslexia – Monomaxos

Sunny Deol recently revisited his struggles with dyslexia, revealing how he coped while working on films. In a recent interview, he recalled receiving his dialogues solely in Hindi due to his dyslexia making it challenging for him to read and write accurately since childhood. He candidly admitted he was considered a “duffer” due to this.

Sunny Deol

In the interview with a leading portal, while discussing his portrayal of characters inspired by real people, he explained his approach. Even in a film like Border, where he portrayed Brigadier Kuldip Singh Chandpuri, he didn’t imitate but absorbed the character’s essence and interpreted it in his unique way. Sunny expressed his preparation method, admitting that not having the dialogues beforehand was part of his process.

Reflecting on his dyslexia, Sunny recalled the difficulties he faced in his earlier days, being labelled and scolded for not grasping studies. He emphasised his approach of receiving dialogues in Hindi, dedicating time to familiarise himself by repeatedly reading and internalising them for his performances.

Sunny Deol

Additionally, Sunny touched upon the bygone era of filmmaking, praising the dedication of actors who didn’t rely heavily on research yet delivered compelling character portrayals rooted in genuine emotions and real-life inspirations.

Sunny Deol’s recent work included Gadar 2, and his upcoming project Lahore, 1947 produced by Aamir Khan will be his next.
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