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Tara Sutaria doesn’t consider Khushi Kapoor and Suhana Khan as her competition – Monomaxos

Tara Sutaria, who made her debut in 2019 with Student Of The Year 2, recently discussed her journey in the film industry. In a recent conversation, she explained why she is not bothered by the competition, despite the rise of new talents such as Suhana Khan, Agastya Nanda, and Khushi Kapoor who made their debut in The Archies.

Tara Sutaria Suhana Khan Khushi Kapoor

In an interview with a leading news portal, Tara expressed that she doesn’t view it as a competition. Having started her career alongside Ananya Panday, she emphasised that what people perceive as competition is not the same for her. She believes that everyone has carved their own niche in terms of features, acting, dialogue delivery, and dancing. She also mentioned that the industry doesn’t feel too crowded for her, and she doesn’t sense any strange competition in her journey so far.

Tara Sutaria Suhana Khan Khushi Kapoor

Tara explained that although she recognises the existence of healthy competition among young actors, it hasn’t had any adverse effects on her. She stressed that her perspective on life and career differs significantly from others, as she firmly believes in the ample space and opportunities available to everyone in the industry. Tara isn’t worried about measuring herself against others, asserting that each actor is unique and cannot be confined to the same category. She expressed contentment with her current position.

Meanwhile, on the work front, Tara was last seen in Apurva.

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