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Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Say They’re ‘Soulmates’ – And Might Be Moving In Together PERMANENTLY?! – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos

There’s a drawer of her things at his place!

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are undoubtedly moving fast in their whirlwind romance, with the most recent news being how the superstar is going to be living with her brand new beau for a while — but could her stay be longer than anticipated?! Sources claimed the You’re Losing Me songstress was just going to be cozying up with the NFL player until her next leg of The Eras Tour, but now, according to on Thursday, she might just be shacking up with him for good!

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An insider dished to the outlet that Tay and Trav are sure they’re each other’s “soulmates”:

“While Taylor is not officially moving in with Travis, her friends and family believe she isn’t exactly moving out either. Everyone truly believes that Taylor and Travis are soulmates. Taylor also believes this, as does Travis. They are both absolutely obsessed with each other and yes, very much in love. They want the same things in life – a future and possibly a family.”

The source close to the 33-year-old went on to reveal that her “heart is in his home” right now:

“If things continue going the way they are going they will continue to cohabitate because that is what couples in love do. This is kind of like a practice run in a sense. For Taylor, it is about where her heart is – and right now her heart is in his home in Kansas City with the man that she loves.”


But not to worry, skeptics! Taylor isn’t dropping everything and trucking all of her stuff out to Missouri for the Kansas City Chiefs player — at least not yet:

“[Her other] houses are not being sold and she is not getting rid of any of her stuff, nor is she putting it all into boxes and loading it in to Travis’ attic.”

What do U think about Taylor and Travis’ relationship moves, Perezcious readers? Would U move in with someone after only a few months of dating? Sound OFF (below).

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