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The Archies: Aditi Dot says she couldn’t have asked for a better debut – Monomaxos

The Archies, recently released on OTT, has garnered widespread attention and appreciation for Zoya Akhtar’s film. Aditi Saigal, known as Dot., made her debut as Ethel in the musical, receiving enthusiastic reviews for her performance.

The Archies Dot

Dot. has emerged as a prominent figure due to her significant musical contributions to the film. She penned and performed all four Dear Diary tracks performed by Khushi Kapoor and also provided vocals for the character of Betty (portrayed by Khushi) in the song Asymmetrical. Additionally, she lent her voice to the other popular tracks Dhishoom Dhishoom and Sunoh.

Expressing joy for the reception, Dot. shared her excitement about delving deeper into the film industry, ignited by Zoya Akhtar’s influence. She sees The Archies as a perfect launchpad, combining her musical background with on-screen portrayal as Ethel, allowing her to contribute to the music and lyrics. 

The Archies Dot

Her debut experience has left her immensely grateful after two years of intense work on sets, rigorous rehearsals, and a learning curve. Dot. expresses gratitude for the visionary leadership of Zoya, the exceptional cast, crew, and music team, and the warm reception of their work by the audience.
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