Home Entertainment Extravaganza The grief book author who allegedly poisoned his husband? Her mother's partner also died of a “suspicious overdose”! -Perez Hilton – Monomaxos

The grief book author who allegedly poisoned his husband? Her mother's partner also died of a “suspicious overdose”! -Perez Hilton – Monomaxos

The grief book author who allegedly poisoned his husband?  Her mother's partner also died of a “suspicious overdose”!  -Perez Hilton

 – Monomaxos

This is worrying!

Remember the children's author Kouri Richins, who is said to have murdered her husband? During the investigation, authorities discovered that her mother's partner had died in a VERY similar and “suspicious” manner!

Let's go back for a moment. In case you don't remember the case, the Utah resident was accused of fatally poisoning her husband Eric Richins with fentanyl. What's even more brazen: She wrote a children's book about dealing with grief – to help her children get over the loss. The alleged murder occurred on March 4, 2022 with her book, Are you with me?hit shelves almost a year later.

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Prosecutors believe Kouri drugged her husband with his cocktail – a Moscow Mule that he drank to celebrate a business deal – before leaving him to die in their bedroom. They say she returned later, found him unresponsive and called 911 as planned. They believe that the motive was to pay out several life insurance policies that she had taken out in her husband's name. It is unclear whether the grief book was something she thought about later. The suspect has denied the allegations and is currently awaiting trial – but keep all the details of the alleged murder in mind, because it's about to sound eerily familiar!

Things in the case took a strange turn late last week when an unsealed search warrant affidavit from a detective investigating Eric's death revealed that authorities believed Kouri's mother Lisa Dardencould have once been involved!

Accordingly NBC on Tuesday, a Summit County Sheriff's Office The detective who filed a search warrant for Lisa's phone in May 2023 said she and a woman with whom she “had a romantic relationship” were living together when the partner “unexpectedly died” in 2006. The cause of death? Drug poisoning caused by an overdose of oxycodone!

Apparently the victim did have a current prescription for the medication at this time. She also reportedly had “recent problems with misusing her medications.” The detective believed the woman was “not in a state of recovery from addiction at the time of her death,” leading him to “probably rule out the possibility of an accidental overdose.”

Why were they suspicious of Darden? Well, the detective claimed Lisa was named beneficiary of her partner's estate “shortly before her death.” Could it have been a coincidence – or was it perhaps planned??

Another connection to Kouri? The mother spoke to her daughter “almost daily” and some of Lisa’s messages revealed “contempt for Eric.” Also? She was at the couple's house the night they celebrated Kouri's business deal – just hours before Eric drank his fatal cocktail. So the popular theory was that Lisa may have been “involved” in the alleged murder! The detective remarked:

“Due to Lisa Darden's closeness to her partner's suspicious overdose death and her relationship with Kouri, it is possible that she was involved in planning and orchestrating Eric's death.”


It is important to note that Lisa has not been charged with anything, so it is unclear what became of this warrant. But the fact that her partner ALSO died of a drug overdose? It's worrying to say the least!

That is, Kouri's lawyer Skye Lazaro (who does not represent Darden) told NBC This is all a “baseless conspiracy theory” that argues:

“Summit County recognizes that opioid addiction and fentanyl overdoses are a widespread problem across the country. The fact that Ms. Darden's partner was among the millions who suffered from and eventually succumbed to opioid addiction is hardly “suspicious.” It’s tragic and unfortunately quite common.”

The lawyer continued:

“The fact that Ms. Darden was the beneficiary of her romantic partner’s life insurance policy is also not an isolated incident. It just shows that their circumstances are no different than most families in America.”

Drug addiction is a big problem, but we can also understand why the detective was so disturbed by the findings! Such things cannot be ignored in a murder investigation! And the deceased victim's spokesman agreed KUTV The details in the search warrant “make it more likely that Kouri could have said, 'Yeah, this happened before, it worked, let's try it again.'” Oof. We'll be interested to learn more about this as the case continues in court.

Thoughts? Theories? Share them (below)!

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