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Travis Barker Sells His Blood-Spattered Blink-182 Tour Sneakers For THOUSANDS! – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos

Rocky Barker‘s college fund is off to a great start! LOLz!

Following Blink-182‘s successful comeback tour, it’s no doubt fans were eager to get their hands on some memorabilia from their favorite band’s reunion. The realer the better — and that’s just what Travis Barker provided! After the Rock Hard Tour concluded its 2023 run, the 48-year-old put up some special collectibles on the authenticated site Trophy. The mems that fans could get their hands on included drumsticks, signed drum heads — and a pair of Vans covered in his own blood!

Yeah, seriously! The used 9.5 men’s size sneakers he wore on tour were posted to the platform for sale, with the description reading:

“You can almost step inside Travis Barker’s shoes with his blood soaked Vans worn throughout his 2023 World Tour. These kicks are encased in a museum-grade acrylic Trophy Case and comes ready to display 
 Featuring Real Blood Splatter!”

LOLz! “Featuring Real Blood Splatter”! The shoes get blood on them the same way the drumsticks do — sometimes when you play hard, you skin your knuckles! Just part of the gig!

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The Vans he wore throughout the 2023 tour and on several excursions with wifey Kourtney Kardashian go for about $115 bucks — but one fan paid way above retail when they shelled out $4,000 for the kicks!


Ch-ch-check out a pic of the kicks (below):

That’s not all, either. Several other fans got in on the sweet collection, picking up two signed drumheads and a pair of signed drumsticks splattered with the rocker’s blood for $1,500-$2,000 each. A pair of Dickies pants covered in his DNA also sold for $6,000 on the site!

Just a measly $15 THOUSAND BUCKS for some worn out gear and a little blood loss! Not a bad little profit!

What do U think about Travis’ seriously hardcore business venture, Perezcious readers? Let us know (below).

[Image via Blink-182/YouTube/MEGA/WENN]
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