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Twinkle Khanna says she survived on channa while shooting a Baadshah song with Shah Rukh Khan – Monomaxos



Actress-turned-author Twinkle Khanna recently reflected on her struggles with wearing tight-fitting clothes for her films. She revealed that while filming the 1999 movie Baadshah with Shah Rukh Khan, she had to resort to extreme dieting and sustained herself on roasted channa to fit into the snug outfits. Furthermore, she expressed feeling bloated while shooting the song Mohabbat Ho Gayee.

Twinkle Khanna Baadshah SRK

In a recent interview, Twinkle Khanna discussed the misconception that actresses don’t diet and eat everything. She revealed that many of them starve themselves. Twinkle shared her own experience of being on a strict diet, especially during the era of tight catsuits. She questioned the need for wearing them and explained that she chose to sustain herself mainly on chickpeas (channa) due to their affordability and availability, influenced by her Gujarati background.

Twinkle explained that this was her diet. She recalled a time when Shah Rukh Khan had to lift her, and she was worried about exploding like gas canisters in the Parliament, but she managed to hold on. She humorously mentioned that if you saw her clenching her teeth in the scene, other things were also clenching, but she survived that moment.

Twinkle Khanna Baadshah SRK

After the film’s release, Twinkle discussed the reviews she received, recalling one that focused solely on her navel. She mentioned that at the time, nobody protested; it was considered acceptable. Twinkle even humorously mentioned that she thanked the writer for the mention.

Baadshah is a 1999 action-comedy, directed by Abbas-Mustan. The film starred Shah Rukh Khan and Twinkle Khanna in lead roles.

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