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Vegas Judge Injured After Felon JUMPS Over Bench In Wild Sentencing Attack: 'F**k That' – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos



This video is wild, y’all!

On Wednesday, Las Vegas District Court Judge Mary Holthus was having just another day at the office. Going through the cases for the day, she never expected her defendant show up on attack mode, but that’s exactly what happened! Deobra Redden was due in court to be sentenced for felony battery, and as his attorney reportedly begged the judge for probation, she wasn’t budging on her decision.

Judge Holthus made a comment about it being time Redden “get a taste of something else,” and it was at this moment the 30-year-old was set off. After saying what sounds like, “f**k that, bitch,” he runs across the Clark County District Court, LEAPING over the bench, landing right on top of the magistrate. OMG!

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The bailiffs and security officers present were sent into a frenzy — it took multiple men to finally pull Redden off of the poor woman and apprehend him. The bailiff standing next to the judge even threw a few punches before they were able to settle the situation.

Ch-ch-check out the CRAZY video (below):

The way he just flies over the desk with reckless abandon is one of the wildest things we’ve ever seen! And the fact it took place in the middle of a courtroom!

According to 8 News Now, Judge Holthus is thankfully okay, having only suffered a bump to the head. If the people around her didn’t act as fast as they did, who knows what could’ve happened! This isn’t her first run-in with Redden, either. He’d also reportedly ended up in her courtroom over destruction of property and domestic battery charges separate to the ones he was in court for this week. Court docs state he was arrested in December after failing to show up in court in November over causing “substantial bodily harm” after threatening to bust a man’s kneecaps.

Reactions, Perezcious readers?

[Image via KHOU 11/YouTube]



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