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Video: Kaisi Yeh Dor song Tu Ban Jaa Heer Meri is a soulful, romantic track – Monomaxos

Kaisi Ye Dor, directed by Ratna Neelam Pandey and Sandeeip S Choudhary, sets out on a touching and sincere exploration of relationships, offering an emotional and genuine experience. The makers of the film have now unveiled a new romantic song titled Tu Ban Jaa Heer Meri.

Check out the video here:

Tu Ban Jaa Heer Meri is a soulful romantic song which is sung by Keshav Anand with music composed by Puneet Avasthi and lyrics penned by Sanjay Mishra.

Tu Ban Jaa Heer Meri

This film, produced by Komal Patil and Rohit Patil, features a talented cast led by Nikhil Pandey. Alongside him, Jashn Agnihotri, known for her work in Punjabi films, and Ratna Neelam Pandey, who not only directs but also appears on screen, join the ensemble.
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