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Vir Das receives a letter of congratulations from his school principal post his International Emmy – Monomaxos

Vir Das has been flooded with love and well-wishes following his remarkable achievement of winning the esteemed International Emmy Award for his comedy special Vir Das: Landing. Adding to the celebrations, he received a heartfelt note from the principal of his school.


Sharing the moment on Instagram, Vir Das posted a picture of a letter accompanied by a note, expressing his gratitude. Captioning the post, he wrote, “It’s heartwarming to receive a letter from the principal and not be in trouble 🙂 Thank you to Delhi Public School Noida. Proud to have studied there. Thank you to Surjeet Khanna for putting me on stage, for pushing me beyond just academics. #dps #dpsnoida #dipsite.”

vir das

The letter conveyed, “Dear Vir Das, On behalf of DPS Noida, we extend our warmest congratulations to you on winning the prestigious Emmy award. It is a true testament to your talent and unwavering commitment to excellence. It brings us immense pride and joy to see a former student of our school reach such remarkable heights in the entertainment industry. Your unique style of humour, coupled with your ability to touch upon diverse subjects, with wit and charm, has captivated audiences worldwide.”


“As we bask in the glory of your momentous achievement, please know that the entire DPS Noida fraternity stands behind you, cheering you every step of the way. Your dedication and the recognition you have achieved serve as an inspiration to our students, reminding them to pursue their dreams relentlessly. We wish you continued success in all your future endeavours,” the letter concluded.

vir das

Vir Das was elated by his International Emmy win for Vir Das: Landing. Previously, his third standup special Vir Das: For India received a 2021 International Emmy nomination for Best Comedy.
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