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Viral Wedding Shocker! Footage Shows Groom’s ENTIRE Vows: Promising To ‘Smack That Ass’! WATCH! – Perez Hilton – Monomaxos



Something borrowed, something blue… something red — it’s a flag, just for you!

A newlywed Kentucky couple’s wedding ceremony is going viral after footage captured by videographer Samuel Foree and posted on CK Entertainment Services’ social media shows just how bad things can go…

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In the TikTok clip, Kaitlin Brooks and Cody Sheehan stand at the altar during their September wedding in what’s supposed to be the most intimate and sacred part of any wedding ceremony: the exchange of vows. However, when Cody was up, he proved to be a man of few words:

“I promise to smack that ass every chance I get.”


No, we’re serious… That was the extent of his vows! He confirmed it by adding, “That’s all I got.” Even the officiant seemed shocked, asking:

“Is that it?”

Cody replied, “Yeah.” Puzzled looks were plentiful as the officiant pleaded, “Come on, Cody, are you sure?”  to which the groom responded, chuckling:

“I didn’t write nothing out.”


Once more, the officiant asked, “That’s what you’re going out with?” which Cody confirmed:

“That’s what I’m going with.”

Holy s**t… If we were that bride, we’d be PISSED. We didn’t hear her vows, but judging by the look on her face, she probably took them a LOT more seriously. Poor girl.

Surprised by his lack of words — and decency — the officiant went on, as Cody blew off any doubts about the relationship. He said pragmatically:

“We’ve made it this long.”

Ch-ch-check out the wild moment (below):


I promise to smack that ???? FELLAS, this is your sign to go write those vows…now ???????? #ckent #weddingfilmmaker #sheehans #farmlife #vows

♬ original sound – Samuel Foree

In less than a week since it’s been up, the video has already been viewed 9.4 MILLION times. Most commenters definitely didn’t approve, writing things like:

“Even if that’s the kind of humor they have together. The wedding vows should’ve been serious”

“The problem wasn’t really the joke, the problem is bro didn’t have any serious vows”

“‘Come on Cody’ you can hear the disappointment in that guy voice”

“I’m sure she planned the whole wedding from the table cloths to his damn suit, and he couldn’t say a few words to express his love for her”

“i would probably cry. he didn’t care enough about her to write vows??”

“I’d become a runaway bride like immediately”

We agree! Though a few gave the groom the benefit of the doubt, saying maybe that’s just how they are? Even still, that’s a tough one to defend!

This is the same footage Maren Morris stitched in her Sunday TikTok, which celebrated the finalization of her divorce. Yeah, not the best endorsement of marriage as a whole, is it?

Thoughts?? Sound OFF in the comments down below.

[Image via 20th Century Fox/YouTube.]



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