Home Entertainment Extravaganza Disastrous Wedding as Mother of Groom Threw Red Paint on Bride! Unbelievable! – Reported by Perez Hilton

Disastrous Wedding as Mother of Groom Threw Red Paint on Bride! Unbelievable! – Reported by Perez Hilton

Disastrous Wedding as Mother of Groom Threw Red Paint on Bride! Unbelievable! – Reported by Perez Hilton

A love story turned sour when the mother of the groom took drastic measures to disrupt the wedding celebrations! Brace yourselves for a shocking tale, dedicated readers…

As per a Reddit account, a lady named Alexandra was all set to exchange vows with her partner in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Mexico. However, there was a major complication plaguing their big day… the groom’s family despised his fiancée! But why?

The unidentified groom hailed from a well-off background, and his mother, Maupe, presumed that he would wed a woman of similar stature and wealth. Nevertheless, love doesn’t conform to expectations. Alexandra belonged to a different social class from her future husband, causing his family to automatically assume that she was after his money. Hence, they took it upon themselves to disrupt the wedding!

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Prior to the ceremony, the family attempted to persuade Alexandra to leave him by offering her a sum of money to depart and never return. The post, not written by an ally of Alexandria, read as follows:

“They continuously threatened her, established multiple fake social media profiles to harass her, and when confronted by the husband, they vehemently refuted all accusations. The brother-in-law even presented her with a blank check to abandon her spouse and his family for eternity.”

Goodness me!

A Twitter thread revealed that the family even went to the extent of warning Alexandra that they would make her existence “unbearable” if she persisted in the relationship. Nonetheless, she stood strong against the pressure! Refusing to succumb to their intimidation tactics, she remained committed to her fiancé, demonstrating that she was not solely motivated by wealth. Subsequently, the situation took a turn for the worse. Maupe purportedly feigned a heart attack to derail the wedding plans! Outrageous! The Reddit post alleged that she went on to blame the couple for her ill-health and demanded they cover her medical expenses. Unbelievable! And the ordeal only escalated further…

The mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law opted out of attending the nuptials. Additionally, Maupe paid someone to “sprinkle red paint on the bride’s attire moments before she made her entrance!” The account stated:

“On the wedding day, the trio of the mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law all stayed away, which is understandable. However, they reportedly engaged an individual to directly splash red paint on the bride’s gown right before she was set to walk down the aisle. Three men hurried towards her, two brandishing paint cans and the other with a spray gun, drenching her attire in red liquid. The ensuing photos captured the aftermath. Initially, the guests mistook the red hue for blood. One can only ponder the shock and disbelief that gripped the bride at that moment.”


A heart-wrenching turn of events for this unfortunate soul! The post continued:

“Initially, the bride perceived it to be water, until she observed the stunned expressions of onlookers and her friends attempting to reassure her that she still looked radiant. She noted that the most distressing aspect was beholding her mother’s countenance, initially fearing she had sustained physical harm.”

Amidst the chaos, Alexandra stood resilient. Opting for a golden gown, she eventually returned to resume the ceremony while those present eagerly awaited her comeback. However, the groom’s family didn’t cease with the red paint fiasco. Allegedly, they reached out to the authorities claiming there were narcotics at the venue! According to the post:

“The groom’s family went a step further by tracking down the wedding location and anonymously tipping off the police about potential drug presence and suspecting the groom of drug possession. Consequently, law enforcement arrived and conducted searches on all attendees. The groom narrowly escaped imminent arrest. Speculation arose regarding the brother-in-law’s potential collusion with the police, albeit fortuitously it never came to fruition.”

Phew! As per the post, the wedding proceeded “sans hitches.” Foiled in her attempts to disrupt the ceremony, the mother-in-law made a last-ditch effort to disrupt Alexandra and her husband’s special moment. The Reddit post asserted that Maupe endeavored to misappropriate her son’s “passport and visa” before their honeymoon!

“Subsequently, post the nuptials and preceding their honeymoon, the groom’s family absconded with his passport and visa. Additionally, they made futile attempts to coerce the travel agent into sabotaging the trip.”

To their relief, her scheme was thwarted yet again. The couple embarked on their honeymoon as planned. As for the couple’s rapport with the groom’s relatives thereafter? It is highly doubtful that the newlyweds would entertain the thought of attending any family gatherings in the future! According to the post, the father-in-law took the extreme step of “terminating the groom from the family business.” Alas, it seems improbable that Alexandra and her partner would entertain any semblance of association with the family – not after enduring the torment inflicted upon them during one of the happiest occasions of their lives! It wouldn’t be surprising if they opted for a complete estrangement from the family!

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