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Zoey 101 Star Reveals MORE Shocking Accusations About Dan Schneider! -Perez Hilton – Monomaxos

Zoey 101 Star Reveals MORE Shocking Accusations About Dan Schneider!  -Perez Hilton

 – Monomaxos

Another former child star comes forward Dan Schneider – and bringing EVEN MORE disturbing allegations about the former to light Nickelodeon Creator!

Jack Salvatore Mark Del Figgalo performed Zoey 101 He then worked even more closely with Dan as an intern in his production department and in the writer's room Sam & Cat And Victorious. And he has a lot to say after watching it Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Children's Television.

As Perezcious readers know, the new docuseries revealed disturbing details about what went on behind the scenes at the popular children's network in the late '90s to early 2000s. While much of the series so far has focused on that Drake Bell When Schneider spoke about being the victim of sexual assault by a man who worked for the station, he also found himself in the hot seat. First, he allegedly created a toxic workplace. But more importantly, he was accused of being downright creepy in the presence of all the little actors!

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After watching the documentary, Jack was hooked Tick ​​tock on Thursday to share even more BTS details of his time working with Dan. And it's awesome!

First, he praised the doctor for doing a “really good job of exposing the details of workplace toxicity, particularly on the Dan Schneider shows on Nickelodeon.” He then shared the sketchy things he saw on set, saying:

“We could talk about the massages. We could talk about how he literally counted his gold coin collection in front of his crew who lived paycheck to paycheck. We could talk about how he would sometimes take out his shotgun to scare one of the writers when they were working at his house.”


The actor then recalled overhearing a conversation about another child star and continued:

“We could talk about the high-level conversations I wasn't supposed to hear, about how Nickelodeon didn't want to recommend antidepressants Jennette McCurdy after her mother died, fearing she would kill herself and make the station look bad.”

Good Lord. This is so messed up. Jennette was very open about her abusive mother and how much she hated being a child star because of the gross things a character she referred to as a “creator” would supposedly do on set, like sit in on her costume fittings to be (Schneider was the creator of both). iCarly And Sam & Cat). In the latest documentary, others also commented on how surprising it was to see the then 21-year-old back at work so quickly after her mother died of cancer – she reportedly took less than a week off! Now knowing that the people who were supposed to protect her were more concerned about her bottom line? Frightening!

Continuing to focus on what he hopes this documentary – and the people finally speaking out – will achieve, Jack said:

“But I want to talk about something like this never happening again. This is an entire industry based on hope, dreams, adrenaline and wish fulfillment. And that can be very dangerous for megalomaniacs. Even posting this makes me a little scared. Will this ruin my future career? I have no idea, but I think it's important and needs to be said. Because if my silence ensures the maintenance of environments in which I no longer want to work, then what is the point of working in them?”

So important to stand up! And luckily, more and more child stars are speaking out, so hopefully change will actually happen!

As for Schneider's on-camera interview where he addressed some of the allegations made in the documentary during the interview iCarly star BooG!EJack joked:

“And until Homeboy moves on 60 minutes to answer some questions from some real journalists and not one of his cast members who he paid to be there… Apology not accepted.”

CALL HIM! Watch the whole thing (below):


We deserve a better hero level. #quietonset @Max #danschneider

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