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Alia Bhatt’s messy bun hairdo and sophisticated dramatic gown make a powerful case for red carpet glam- monomaxos

Alia Bhatt is well-known not just for her outstanding performances on the big screen but also for her excellent fashion sense, which has helped her become a global star. The Gangubai actress never fails to dazzle, whether she’s on-screen or on the red carpet. She recently visited an international red carpet event, and her outfit wowed everyone.

Alia Bhatt looked stunning in a stunning gown that emphasized her beauty and flair. The gown’s intricate design and faultless fit complemented the Kapoor and Son star’s radiant personality wonderfully. Alia’s fashion sense has evolved significantly since her debut, and her red carpet presentation was yet another example of her growing style. Let’s dive into the specifics of this outfit.

Alia Bhatt blends floral motifs with huge-sized puffy sleeves and serves a blooming tale in gray gown

Alia Bhatt fashion style gown puffy sleeve gloves look

Guess where Alia Bhatt drew attention this time? She traveled to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to attend the Red Sea International Film Festival, and she made a statement during the closing ceremony! Alia looked stunning in a strapless beauty with a notched V-neckline that lends a sassy twist to her outfit. Not to mention the long trail, which included the same lovely ornamentation. The Heart of Stone fame wore puffy sleeve gloves that were bigger than life to amp up the drama. The complete ensemble was from Miss Sohee’s spring/summer couture 2023 collection.

Alia Bhatt extends her fashion finesse with expert styling of hair, makeup and accessory

Alia Bhatt fashion style gown puffy sleeve gloves

With a set of stunning stud earrings, she kept things simple yet gorgeous. These pink stone-encrusted gems covered her ears flawlessly, giving a bit of shine to her entire look. And, let’s be honest, who needs extra accessories with all the drama going on with those puffy sleeves and cherry blossom design elements? Alia’s decision to keep her accessories to a minimum allowed the gown to take center stage and let her inherent beauty shine through. Oftentimes, all you need to complete a style is a pair of statement earrings, and Alia Bhatt absolutely nailed it!

Alia Bhatt fashion style grey gown hair and makeup

The RRR diva’s makeup was flawless, providing added punch to her already gorgeous attire. Alia’s eyes were the focal point of her makeup, with black Kohl-rimmed eyes and smeared eyeliner that created a high-definition, captivating appearance. Her natural beauty was enhanced with brilliant silver makeup and well-formed brows, which made her eyes sparkle even more. Her cheeks were severely flushed, lending her a lovely and young radiance. Not to mention her lips, which were done in a gorgeous pink lipstick that provided a touch of softness to the overall image. Let’s talk about hair now! The Brahmastra star’s messy bun hairstyle radiated sophistication and charm, with flicks of hair left carelessly falling out on her face, adding a touch of whimsy.

Rhea Kapoor, the brilliant stylist responsible for the Darlings fame’s closing ceremony dress, did an outstanding job. Overall, Alia stole the show with her gorgeous gray gown, which was elegantly adorned with cherry blossom designs. The puffy sleeve gloves and dramatic trail offered a glamorous touch. While her makeup, which included black kohl-rimmed eyes, glittering eyeshadow, and flushed cheeks, matched her whole appearance flawlessly,. The messy bun hairstyle created a fun yet classy attitude. Rhea Kapoor certainly understands how to create a fashion moment, and Alia Bhatt carried it off with confidence and elegance. Congratulations to the entire crew for pulling together such a fantastic red carpet presence! Do you like this style? If so, please leave a comment below.

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