Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Top 5 This Week

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Best Dressed Celebrities of the Week: From Alia Bhatt to Ananya Panday, five celebs who are setting the bar high for style – Monomaxos

Bollywood actresses never fail to impress us with their fashionable looks. A-list celebrities always make appearances on the red carpet, at movie premieres, and even casually. This week was packed with stylish celebrity looks that made headlines for all the right reasons. From Alia Bhatt to Ananya Panday, these celebs shared their best fashion tips this week. Take a look at this week's five best-dressed celebrities.

Ananya Panday's fiery red dress

Ananya Panday in red ruffle dress

Ananya Panday delivered a fabulous look all in red. She wore a figure-hugging red dress that hugged her figure and accentuated her curves. The dress featured ruched waist accents and a thigh-high slit. She paired the red dress with a blazer with shoulder pads and a lapel collar. Chunky gold jewelry completed her ensemble. Her hair was neatly pulled back into a bun and she opted for minimal makeup, including cheek contour blush, a nude lip shade and black manicured nails. Ananya lit up Instagram with her look, won our hearts and secured her place on the list.

Alia Bhatt's opulent velvet dress

Alia Bhatt in velvet dress

Alia Bhatt hosted the Hope Gala 2024 in London wearing a burgundy velvet dress by Gucci and she lived up to the piece as she also serves as an ambassador for the brand. Her dress featured a square neckline with thin straps and tapered towards the bottom to a straight fit. The dress was slightly flared towards the feet. Glittering studs adorned the neckline and matched the empire waist design that encircled the torso.

Kriti Sanon's fun and wild pink dress

Kriti Sanon in pink dress

Kriti Sanon chose a pink dress for the promotion of her film Crew. She opted for a flowy dress with thin black straps. The most daring part of her outfit was the front and center neckline. The dress featured a structured neckline and a circular ring that held up the skirt of the dress. On the chest of the dress there were black inserts that broke the monotony of pink. Her dress was accented with black strappy heels and gold studs. With this, Kriti opted for a side-parted bun with her hair falling down from one side.

Sonam Kapoor channels spring fever

Sonam Kapoor in pink pastel outfit

Sonam Kapoor opted for a pastel colored co-ord set which consisted of a printed high waist petticoat and a pink bralette. She complemented her pastel pink set with a lupine blue fringed jacquard coat with detailed embroidery, notch lapels, long sleeves and an ankle-length hem. Sonam completed the ensemble with Jimmy Choo pumps that matched her co-ord outfit and she also carried a white handbag from the same designer.

Priyanka Chopra's all-white summer style

Priyanka Chopra in white skirt set

For her outing yesterday, Priyanka chose a white co-ord set from the Devon Windsor line. Her outfit consisted of a straight-cut skirt that perfectly suited her style and a white bralette with a plunging neckline and a knot-like design on the front. There was a small ruffle at the end of the skirt, and just like the top, the skirt also had a knot pattern at the waist. Priyanka chose silver heels and a silver necklace that went really well with her ensemble and added a bit of bling. Her glamorous look was completed with loose hair, flushed cheeks, scarlet lip tint and kohled eyes.

Which of these actresses' outfits did you like the most? Comment and let us know!

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