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Katrina Kaif to Alia Bhatt: Celebrity-inspired kurta sets to look out for in Ramadan 2024 – Monomaxos

Ramadan is a time of reflection and spiritual growth, but can also be a joyful occasion to celebrate with family and friends. Ramadan and ethnic outfits definitely go together. No matter how much our Bollywood divas fall in love with the body-flattering silhouettes, it is the ethnic ensemble, more specifically salwar suits, that ensures casual comfort. These graceful traditional outfits combine comfort with style and offer fashion finesse at the highest level.

So what are we waiting for? Let's discover five celebrity-approved combinations of stylish kurta sets and flowy dupattas for Ramadan 2024 that will inspire you to celebrate and pray in style.

5 Celebrity Approved Kurta Sets That Are Perfect For Ramadan 2024

Alia Bhatt's classic cream Raw Mango suit:

Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani actress Alia Bhatt wore a classy cream suit with an intricate gold floral print. Raw Mango's traditional piece also had gold embroidery on the edges.

She paired it with matching wide leg pajamas and a sheer gold embroidered dupatta which gave the entire set that extra oomph. Alia added minimalist earrings and white sandals to complete the look.

Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, Ananya Panday and More: Save These 5 Celebrity-Approved Kurta Sets for Ramadan (PC: Celebrity Instagram Pages)

Katrina Kaif's Elegant Anamika Khanna Suit:

The Tiger 3 actress wore an incomparably pretty pink anarkali suit with long sleeves and shapely pleats. The intricate gold floral embroidery was just perfect.

The suit featured a long pleated flowy kurta with a sophisticated V-shaped neckline. It was paired with fitted pajamas and a sheer embellished dupatta. Katrina Kaif added delicate chaandbali earrings and a ring to complete the fit.

Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, Ananya Panday and More: Save These 5 Celebrity-Approved Kurta Sets for Ramadan (PC: Celebrity Instagram Pages)

Karisma Kapoor's Stylish Tarun Tahiliani Suit:

The Murder Mubarak actress wore a beautiful ivory kurta set with intricate embroidery and prints. The suit consisted of a calf-length kurta with an alluring neckline, a fitted churidar and a pretty sheer dupatta.

Karisma Kapoor accessorized this Tarun Tahiliani piece with a choker-style necklace and matching champagne gold heeled earrings.

Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, Ananya Panday and More: Save These 5 Celebrity-Approved Kurta Sets for Ramadan (PC: Celebrity Instagram Pages)

Ananya Panday's pretty flawless white suit:

Ananya Panday's ethnic wear is usually quite fresh and Gen Z approved. She donned an elegant white suit consisting of a short sleeveless kurta with geometric embroidery paired with floor-length wide-leg pants.

A matching dupatta with embroidered scalloped edges completed the pristine white piece. The Dream Girl 2 actress added minimalist accessories and juttis to elevate the look.

Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, Ananya Panday and More: Save These 5 Celebrity-Approved Kurta Sets for Ramadan (PC: Celebrity Instagram Pages)

Sara Ali Khan's Embellished Sharara Suits:

The Zara Hatke Zara Bachke actress wore an incomparably classy white sharara suit embellished with contrasting black nature-inspired embroidery and delicate mirror work.

This outfit consisted of a short kurta with a slinky neckline, matching sharara pants and an embellished dupatta. Sara Ali Khan accessorized this piece with statement silver earrings, layered bracelets and white juttis.

Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, Ananya Panday and More: Save These 5 Celebrity-Approved Kurta Sets for Ramadan (PC: Celebrity Instagram Pages)

Feeling inspired to look amazing in suits in Ramadan 2024?

Which of these ethnic ensembles is your absolute favorite? Please comment below to share your thoughts with us immediately.

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