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Katrina Kaif vs Kriti Sanon fashion face-off: Who styled sleek black neck tie better?- monomaxos

Kriti Sanon was recently photographed wearing formal dress attire that includes a black tie. It reminded us of Katrina’s previous Red Sea Film Festival red carpet appearance, which also included a black tie.

Women wearing and experimenting with black ties is unusual in Bollywood, so this is a fashion moment worth discussing. Let’s get started and see who wore the black tie the best! Stay tuned to find out who won this spectacular fashion showdown.

Katrina Kaif’s black tie styling with the glamorous skirt

Katrina Kaif in sleek black tie look

PC: Getty Images

Katrina Kaif wowed on the international red carpet with her stunning fashion sense. She was dressed elegantly in a lovely white shirt, but she wasn’t going to stop there either. The Tiger 3 actress elevated her appearance by wearing a black tie, which added a sense of opulence to the ensemble.

The Valentino skirt was a magnificent combination of silver and black sequins that created a brilliant look that left us smitten, and it was combined with the eye-catching sequined skirt the Bharat actress wore with it.

Kriti Sanon’s perfect 9 to 5 look with black tie

Kriti Sanon in sleek black tie look

Get ready for a style sensation as Kriti Sanon takes the fashion scene by storm! Stepping onto the red carpet, she radiates sheer elegance in her exquisite ensemble. A dazzling white sleeveless shirt, adorned with a chic flap collar, emanates powerful boss-chic vibes. Elevating her look, the Mimi actress introduces a touch of sophistication with a sleek black tie, perfect for a refined and polished appearance. Strap in for a fashion journey with Kriti Sanon as she effortlessly dominates the style game!

Let’s not forget about the midi-length skirt the Dilwale diva wore with it. It was flawless, emphasizing her stunning curves in all the right areas. She completed the ensemble by keeping her hair open, emitting an easy yet beautiful charm. Lobbster is the maker of this amazing attire!

The final verdict

It’s time to crown the final winner of this fashion face-off. Katrina Kaif and Kriti Sanon both wore sleek black ties, but their styles were very different. Katrina’s attire was the right mix of formal elegance and party glam, while Kriti’s style was more casual.

Choosing between the two is no easy feat, as both outfits exude exquisite charm and are expertly paired, creating a stylish and sophisticated ambiance. However, we acknowledge that fashion is a highly personal choice, and we’re eager to hear your thoughts! Share your feedback in the comments and let us know who, in your opinion, rocked the black tie look better. 

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