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Khushi Kapoor’s power play in blue ensemble displays an effortless and sharp 9-to-5 style- monomaxos



Hello there, fashionistas! Have you heard of the lovely Khushi Kapoor? This Gen-Z diva has taken the silver screen by storm with her remarkable acting abilities in her debut movie, The Archies. But let me tell you, her brilliance isn’t the only thing that has people talking. Khushi’s fashion style is on fire, and her debut flick is already making headlines. You don’t want to miss out on her latest fashion decision. Stay tuned as we get into the nitty-gritty.

Khushi Kapoor’s formal fashion finesse in a shirt and pant ensemble

Khushi Kapoor in blue shirt and pant

The stunning diva recently wore a blue shirt that was a remarkable stunner. This stunning clothing included frills and a simple flap collar, which added a sense of sophistication to her attire. But here’s the great twist: Khushi opted to keep the top button open, giving it a modern and sleek look. And don’t forget about those buttons, people! They were pearl-beaded, which added a sense of elegance to the whole image.

Let’s go to the bottoms now. Khushi wore her blouse with a pair of pleated pants with a gorgeous dark blue tone. These pants from famous designer Michael Kors added a touch of glitz to her ensemble. Khushi Kapoor knows how to stay on top of the fashion game, as proven by her look!

Khushi Kapoor’s pristine accessories

Khushi Kapoor in blue shirt and pant full look

Let us now discuss the accessories that complemented Khushi Kapoor’s amazing outfit! This fashion superstar understands how to maintain it clean while yet looking attractive. Khushi accessorized her ears with exquisite pearl drop earrings, which provided a touch of luxury to her look. She wore a stunning stone-encrusted ring that glistened with every moment.

The cherry on top was her choice of footwear. Khushi chose Jimmy Choo’s Love Bow Metallic Pumps for the ultimate in bling. With a startling price tag of Rs. 80,000, these beauties are not for the faint of heart. But, hey, if you’re hoping to put out a fashion move, go big, correct?

More about Khushi Kapoor’s makeup

Khushi Kapoor’s gorgeous makeup and hairstyle for this look were on point! Her cheekbones were nicely contoured, giving her face a chiseled and defined look, beginning with her makeup. It was all about the glitter and sparkle in her eyes. Her brows were precisely put up, elegantly framing her eyes.

Her eye makeup was stunning, with a fascinating silver eyeshadow and a sleek black winged eyeliner, that added emphasis and shine to her appearance. Natasha Nischol, her excellent makeup artist, completed the look with a strong red lipstick that accentuated Khushi’s lip.

Khushi Kapoor in blue shirt and pant and beauty and accessory

About her hairstyle…

Moving on, credit for her hairdo goes to Avan Contractor, who developed her tresses into a clean, straight hairstyle with a center parting. It matched her entire outfit flawlessly, providing an extra dash of affluence and beauty.

Let us thank the incredible crew behind Khushi Kapoor’s 9-to-5 style and breathtaking photography! Poornamrita Singh, the skilled stylist, did her magic to create this beautiful look, expertly blending blue tints and tones. And Jagan Khursule, an excellent photographer expertly captured Khushi’s lovely image.

Did you appreciate this blue-colored clothing combination? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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