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Mouni Roy amps up her fashion-forward airport look in corset top and pants with simple glam- monomaxos

Airport fashion has been the highlight of 2023 and as we come to the end of this year,. Mouni Roy adorned the airport in yet another unique ensemble. Mouni made a fashion statement that had us all screaming in astonishment early in the morning.

The Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva actress once again proved why she is a fashion trailblazer with her easy elegance and exquisite taste. While we delve for more information on her current fashion appearance, one thing is certain: Mouni Roy knows how to turn attention, even in the hustle and bustle of the airport.

Mouni Roy’s equally stunning corset top and pants ensemble

Mouni Roy style fashion corset top and high waisted pants style

The Naagin actress wowed us yet again with her great fashion sense when she wore a corset top to the airport. Her choice of clothing highlighted her bold and daring style, turning heads and dropping jaws. She wore a jersey-knit corset top with a lace-up front, a scoop neck and back, and sheer lace decoration on the front and side panels. The shoulder straps lent a sense of sophistication to her outfit, while the short dolphin hem offered a whimsical touch. The Velle actress teamed the corset top with high-waisted slacks in a fascinating pattern, creating a monochrome look that emanated sheer refinement.

More about the airport look!

Mouni Roy style fashion white corset top and high waisted pants

The London Confidential actress’ pick of airport accessories was nothing short of spectacular. She kept things calm and casual with a pair of elegant black sunglasses that provided a hint of mystery and refinement to her attire. And for footwear, she chose a traditional and adaptable option: white sneakers. This option not only provided her with comfort for her travels, but it also gave her wardrobe a fresh and carefree air. When traveling, becoming casual and loose with your accessories is a wonderful way to find a balance between style and comfort. It helps you to show your individual flair while being practical and prepared for any adventure.

Mouni Roy style fashion white corset top and high waisted pants style

The Made in China star’s airport makeup was refreshingly modest, and by minimal, we mean truly minimal. The lovely actress opted for a little touch of color with a pink lipstick, keeping her look basic and elegant. This decision accentuated her innate attractiveness without dominating her overall appearance. The Romeo Akbar Walter actress’ makeup choice highlights that airport appearances don’t necessarily necessitate heavy makeup. When it comes to fashion, sometimes less is more. Moving on to her hairdo, she swept her gorgeous locks up into a sleek bun with ease. The Gold actress’s bun hairstyle offered a sense of refinement to her entire look while keeping her hair perfectly in place while she traveled. Mouni Roy’s airport look proves that simple can be quite beautiful and that a little touch of makeup and a classic hairstyle can create a stunning and effortless look.

The Temptation Island judge’s nailed her airport style with the corset top and pants combo, especially when she approached the helipad. Overall, it was a brave and bold choice that reflected her exceptional fashion sense and confidence. The corset top offered a glamorous touch, while the high-waisted pants created a trendy and sophisticated contrast.

Mouni Roy’s fashion statement was certainly eye-catching and motivating, and her exquisite style left us speechless. If you liked her airport outfit, leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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