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Rakul Preet Singh’s fashion gamble of mixing high-low blazer and waistcoat inspires trendsetting twist- monomaxos

Rakul Preet Singh, the fashion diva, never ceases to astound us with her flawless sense of style. Her most recent Instagram post is proof of this, as she blessed our feeds with a slew of images exhibiting her cool and sassy fashion sense. Her attire, which included a mango orange jacket that exuded coolness, drew our attention.

The blazer’s bold color suited the Chhatriwali fame’s dazzling personality, making her stand out in a crowd. This ensemble radiated opulence and confidence when paired with a sleek matching shirt and cut pants. Rakul’s distinct fashion style continues to excite us; keep reading for a more in-depth look.

Rakul Preet Singh’s casually bold and formally cool orange blazer sets new style paradigm

Rakul Preet Singh in mango orange colored blazer style

Rakul Preet Singh wore a three-piece costume that was nothing short of spectacular. The Ayalaan star began with a waistcoat with a sleek V-neckline, setting the tone for a fashionable outfit. But here’s where things get interesting: she teamed the waistcoat with flared trousers, creating a one-of-a-kind and eye-catching look. To top it all off, she topped the waistcoat and slacks with a jacket that was a hybrid of cropped and longline silhouettes. Talk about a unique high-low blazer! Long sleeves, a notched lapel collar, and shoulder pads added a sense of splendor to this gorgeous item. The gorgeous blazer, it turns out, was by Helen and Anthony.

About Rakul Preet Singh’s hair, makeup and accessories…

Rakul Preet Singh in mango orange colored blazer fashion

Unlike other actors, the Thank God star likes to wear jewelry that is distinctive and out of the ordinary. Rakul chose a necklace with a gold-toned chain and a polished pendant for this gorgeous combo. The pendant was spherical in shape and had a pearl engraved on it, which added a touch of elegance to her attire. But that’s not all; she also decorated her fingers with several rings, giving her whole look a modern and edgy air. Rakul finished off her look with a pair of Aldo’s beige-colored pointed-toe shoes, which added a stylish and elegant touch to her attire. Rakul Preet Singh’s ability to accessorize distinguishes her from the throng, making her a real fashion star.

The Doctor G fame’s skin appeared perfect and bright with a matte foundation as the foundation. Her cheekbones were reshaped to provide definition and highlight her features, creating a sculpted appearance.

Rakul Preet Singh in mango orange colored blazer fashion style

Moving on to her eyes, Rakul chose a simple brown shimmery makeup that complimented her natural eye color brilliantly. Mascara was then added to her lashes, giving them a voluminous and fluttery appearance. Salim Sayed, the excellent makeup artist, put a subtle red-toned lipstick on her lips, giving a hint of refinement. 

Her hair was fashioned into lovely waves that cascaded down like open tresses. Aliya Shaik’s hairdresser’s expert hands gave a touch of class to her overall look with a side parting. Anshika Verma, the skilled stylist, completed Rakul Preet Singh’s picture-perfect attire with this gorgeous look.

The Cuttputli actress enjoys pushing the boundaries of fashion, particularly with her formal blazer selections. She first dazzled us with a vivid neon green blazer set, and now she has charmed us with a stunning mango orange high-low blazer. 

This outfit is very eye-catching and exemplifies Rakul’s strong and adventurous style. The blazer’s bold color offers a flash of color and emanates coolness. It produces a fashion-forward look that is both fashionable and refined when paired with the waistcoat and flared trousers. It’s now up to you to tell us what you think! In the comments area below, rate this appearance on a scale of 1 to 10.

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