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When Deepika Padukone rewore her gold Kanjeevaram wedding reception saree with Sabyasachi blouse for BFF’s wedding – monomaxos

Along with Alia Bhatt, some celebrities are standing up for sustainability and classic elegance in the fast-paced world of Bollywood fashion. Deepika Padukone, in particular, made a bold move by wearing the same gorgeous gold saree that her mother had gifted her for her best friend’s wedding in Bangalore. We are seriously in love with how the dive styled it in both settings.

So, let’s delve into the captivating tale of when the ethereal actress, Deepika Padukone, adorned the same ensemble not once but twice, making a powerful statement about the changing landscape of celebrity fashion. Are you ready?

Deepika Padukone looked beyond beautiful in a molten gold saree

When it comes to traditional Indian wear, the Jawan actress stands out as a trendsetter. The enchanting Pathaan actress graced her friend’s wedding in Bengaluru in 2019, draped in an elegant molten gold saree. What caught everyone’s attention was that this was the same saree she had worn for her reception in November 2018, hosted at The Leela Palace in Bangalore, upon returning to India after her dreamy wedding. The saree, a limited-edition pure Zari Kanjeevaram creation from Adyava, a private label of The House of Angadi, held profound significance. It took approximately 60 days to weave this traditional masterpiece, emphasizing the rich heritage of the craft. Isn’t that seriously extravagant?

When Deepika Padukone rewore her gold Kanjeevaram reception saree with Sabyasachi blouse  (PC: Deepika Padukone Instagram, APH Images)

The timeless ensemble is a tribute to The House of Angadi’s timeless craftsmanship, including an ivory shirt designed by the esteemed Sabyasachi with a high collar and full sleeves. The Pathaan actress’ choice to repeat this outfit not only highlighted her attachment to timeless pieces but also served as a nod to sustainable fashion. We’re literally in love with how this saree fits and suits the talented Happy New Year actress like a charm.

Deepika Padukone’s accessories, hair, and makeup look were also on fleek

The details of her accessories, hair, and makeup further accentuated the allure of the gold saree. To complement the regal attire, the Chennai Express actress adorned herself with a heavy choker Emerald necklace embedded with multiple stones and matching earrings. On the occasion of her reception, the Om Shanti Om actress added a layered pearl necklace for an extra touch of elegance. The repetition of the saree saw her pairing it with a gold choker-like statement necklace, reaffirming the versatility of this exquisite piece. We love the diva’s choices. But that’s not all, the pretty Singham 3 actress’ impeccable styling extended to her hair and makeup, reminiscent of old-world charm. 

When Deepika Padukone rewore her gold Kanjeevaram reception saree with Sabyasachi blouse  (PC: Deepika Padukone Instagram, APH Images)

Whether on her reception day or when she gracefully repeated the saree, the gorgeous diva opted for a neat bun adorned with a gajra, showcasing a timeless and sophisticated look. Her makeup, with a bold lip, added just the right amount of glamour to her ensemble. Padukone’s choice to repeat her mother’s gifted gold saree transcends mere fashion statements; it’s a profound declaration in favor of sustainable choices and timeless elegance. In a world where rapid changes dominate the fashion landscape, the diva’s commitment to reusing and celebrating her cultural heritage sends a powerful message. Through this act, she reminds us all of the significance of sustainability, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving narrative of celebrity fashion. Don’t you agree? 

So, what did you think of the beautiful actress’ timeless golden saree? Please go right ahead and share your thoughts and opinions with us right away.

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