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Persistent Bethenny Frankel counters Travis Kelce's father over Taylor Swift defense – behaves as though she's on her way?! -Perez Hilton – Monomaxos

Oh, Bethenny Frankel

Previously, the RHONY former cast member shared a video on Instagram where she outlined her theories regarding the doomed relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Despite having no personal connection to either of them, she suggested that both of them are reveling too much in being the “peacock” – the center of attention, and hence are bound to clash eventually. She also offered insights from her own past relationships where, despite the enjoyment, she ended up feeling miserable.

She delved extensively into someone else’s relationship, despite having no personal insight – and Trav’s father did not take kindly to that! Ed Kelce referred to her as a “troll” on his Facebook Page over the weekend, prompting a response from the 53-year-old on her Only B Podcast.

In the latest episode, she expressed her discontent with dad Kelce’s criticism:

“I truly appreciate and respect parents standing up for their child, especially when prompted. I just wish he had voiced an opinion rather than resorting to a verbal insult. When educating our children, it’s more constructive to articulate your views rather than just criticize… I didn’t even critique their relationship. I merely pointed out that usually, there’s only one peacock in a relationship.”

A “verbal insult”?? Isn’t that similar to how she labeled Trav as a “peacock” or hinted that he and Tay might not be prepared for the challenges that come with their relationship? It wasn’t exactly flattering, Bethenny!

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But the story doesn’t end there. She stood by her initial statement about the couple, elaborating:

“I stand by my viewpoint. This is who Travis is. I didn’t mention [Travis] pushing his coach, which is a physical reaction rather than engaging in dialogue. This mirrors to some extent what his father did. He resorted to an insult instead of using his intellect.”

Comparing Ed’s defense of his son’s happy relationship to the incident where Travis inadvertently pushed coach Andy Reid? That’s quite a stretch… It’s worth noting that all Ed said was the word “troll” in reference to the reality star, but it seems to have struck a nerve.

Bethenny continued:

“For Travis, it’s all in good fun engaging with his father. Ed’s response seems rather over the top… Calling me a troll, which admittedly creates great clickbait and hooray for Travis Kelce’s dad.”

Wait a minute, is he trying to generate clickbait?? He nurtured his famous son and his famous son’s incredibly famous girlfriend! Come on, you!

As a final defense, the television personality added:

“Swifties may come after me, but I stand by my statement that they are on my Mount Rushmore of couples. I genuinely think he is a peacock, and having two peacocks in a relationship usually spells trouble. That’s just my opinion. I don’t have to believe that they’ll end up getting married and spending their lives together. But if they wish to do so, then I hope they achieve it.”

If she’s entitled to publically express her thoughts, shouldn’t Ed also be permitted to share his opinions based on his observations? Hmm. What’s your take on this incident, Perezcious readers? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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