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HOW MANY witnesses does Bryan Kohberger intend to summon for his trial?! -Perez Hilton – Monomaxos

Bryan Kohberger is preparing to have his moment in court – and if he gets his wish, there could be a significant number of days involved.

Kohberger is the individual charged with the murder of four individuals from the University of Idaho student body in November 2022. The victims, college students Kaylee Goncalves aged 21, Madison Mogen aged 21, Xana Kernodle aged 20, and Ethan Chapin aged 20, were violently killed on November 13 of that year in close proximity to the campus in Moscow, Idaho.

Kohberger, who earned his doctorate from the nearby criminology department at Washington State University, was apprehended in Pennsylvania slightly over a month following the murders. He has since been situated in Idaho at the Latah County Jail awaiting his trial. A significant new development has now emerged.

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According to reports from Fox News, Kohberger’s defense team is seeking the judge’s approval to have a total of FOUR HUNDRED WITNESSES testify during the trial. Wait, what?! You mean to say, you want 400 individuals to be sworn in and provide testimonies about the accused murderer? In major murder trials, there are typically various witnesses – potentially dozens. But 400?!?!

Following a court session last Wednesday where Kohberger’s chief defender Anne Taylor spoke, a deputy prosecutor from Latah County stood up to fervently object to the judge John Judge:

“To be frank, the state is profoundly concerned about the defense considering summoning over 400 witnesses during the innocence phase, especially when we might not receive a complete alibi disclosure.”

That’s not all!! Taylor and her team had earlier claimed to possess a strong alibi for Kohberger which they planned to present in court. The prosecutors in Latah County still remain unaware of this alibi. They are currently uninformed. Naturally, they are eager to gauge the potential direction of their case. Those 400 witnesses could greatly complicate matters!

Taylor made another demand in court this week: a comprehensive examination of the cell tower data. This could potentially strengthen Kohberger’s alibi if it proves he was not in the vicinity at the time of the murders. As reported by the same news outlet, this could lead to further delays in the proceedings. Kohberger’s team concurs; Not only was this his preference, but he had already waived his right to a speedy trial back in August. However, the prosecutors are not completely on board with the cell phone tower inquiry either. They argued that the extension granted could assist Kohberger’s team in crafting an alibi based on the discovery material.

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Essentially, it appears that there is a possibility of considerable delay before the trial commences. Judge Richter (yes, that’s truly his name) responded by arranging a hearing for May 14th to (hopefully) establish a trial date and determine the potential relocation of the trial from Latah County. Kohberger’s legal team had previously sought a change in venue. Judge Richter also imposed an April 17 deadline for the defense team to furnish alibi details. This promises to be an eventful day in court.

This situation is quite a lot to take in. Thoughts??

[Image via Monroe County Correctional Facility/Law & Crime Network/YouTube]