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Margaret Qualley and Jack Antonoff make a formidable duo (due to their mystical talents) – Monomaxos

Allow me to reveal the unspoken truth: Margaret Qualley and Jack Antonoff, perhaps possess abilities that transcend mortal comprehension, and their rapport is undeniably advantageous. Witness this remarkable tale of premonition shared by Qualley, detailing the fortuitous encounter with Antonoff in the summer of 2021 in a recent interview with ElleUK published on Wednesday.

“I had crossed paths with Jack a fortnight before, yet I was instantaneously smitten,” she disclosed regarding the renowned Bleachers frontman. “I harbored a profound sense of certainty that he was my destined partner.”

It seems that Qualley perceived another adept in the mystic arts and acknowledged the subtle hand of fate (despite Antonoff being in a marital relationship then). Curiously, she was attending a Chanel Haute Couture exhibition, engaging in conversation with the creative director Virginie Viard as Viard meticulously crafted the striking wedding gown and veil that Qualley would showcase in the show’s climax.

“I was conversing with Virginie about Jack, and I said to her, ‘I believe I have met the man I am destined to marry.’ And, Virginie, should my intuition prove right, would you be willing to design my bridal attire?’ I asked, ‘Allow me two years…'” she reminisced.

Fast forward two years later, to the summer of 2023: Qualley in Chanel attire, Antonoff by the altar, with Taylor Swift and Lana del Rey amidst a throng of high-profile attendees celebrating the couple’s fated union. It might not be sorcery, but it certainly appears as an intriguing prelude.

Although Antonoff modestly admits to occasionally being “somewhat timid” when confronted, one does not secure three consecutive Grammy Awards for Producer of the Year through mere pettiness. Neither does one captivate Qualley and orchestrate a star-studded wedding on the Jersey Shore. And yet, Antonoff managed all this and more.

“The nuptials were enchanting and truly the most magical day of my existence,” remarked Qualley on her wedding day. Magical! Just as she declared. Isn’t that confirmation enough?

With residences in Los Angeles and New Jersey, Qualley expresses her fondness for seclusion. “I relish seclusion. New Jersey has grown on me because it’s devoid of the usual bustle,” she articulated.

“We have functioned akin to a wedded duo since our inception, so the transition hasn’t been drastic; however, I find solace in the stability,” she articulated. “It would prove challenging for him to sever our bond. I am grateful for the legal backing.”

Indeed, Qualley and Antonoff seem to epitomize the notion of a “dynamic duo.” In addition to her modeling career, Qualley has garnered acclaim for her performances in films, including an Oscar-nominated role in Poor Things alongside the Best Actress nominee Emma Stone. Meanwhile, Antonoff possesses the Midas touch with every musical venture he undertakes, converting them into gold – if not platinum.

As Monte Lipman, the founder and CEO of Republic Records (also known as “the man overseeing Taylor Swift’s record label”) conveyed to the L.A. Times, “Jack’s allure lies in his disinterest in popular music – it’s popular music that has piqued his curiosity.”

Undeniably enchanting, wouldn’t you agree?